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    Mobile First

    I design for the lowest resolution devices, and then enhance the experience for larger screens. Go ahead, resize me!

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    Web Development

    Using web standards along with the latest technologies and trends in the industry, I make sure every project is effective and efficient.

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Geoffrey Ganga Profile

Geoffrey Ganga

Hi! I'm Geoffrey Ganga, a web designer & developer from Atlanta, GA. In March of 2013 I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Development from Full Sail University. I focus on developing great user experience and building beautiful user interfaces. I am passionate, dedicated, driven, and absolutely love working in this industry. Let's work together!

For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only NCDesign / Development
Cts Demolition
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Cts Demolition
Cts DemolitionDesign / Development
Cts Demolition
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Martinville DentalDesign / Development
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East Cobb Merchants BarberBranding / Development
Energize your Voice
Energize Your VoiceDesign / Development / Branding
REF Foundation
REF FoundationDesign / Development
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Schuyler Anderson PortfolioDesign / Development
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Design / Development
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Northwest Orthopedic

Design / Development


Design / Development